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Star Ruimte A-Wing Starfighter MOC - 1673 Parts (D)

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Bricks nummer: 1673 stks/set
Wordt geleverd met 1 cijfers
Pakket:Geen originele doos,Nieuw in verzegelde tas
(Speelgoed en instructies sturen samen)
Materiaal: milieuvriendelijk materiaal.

Information from LEGO parts replacement indicate there should be 2x copies of the 69882 (EID 6318649) sheet in each set along with 1x of the 67750 (EID 6299663) sheet. Early release versions of the set in North America incorrectly included only one of each sheet (this problem does not appear to have occurred in Europe), but replacements are available from LEGO Customer Service. However, only one of each sheet is needed to construct the set.  A note in the instruction book indicates that the second sheet is a practice sheet for the canopy.

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