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Changing Color Ambiance Pearl Night Light in Shell

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  • A cute LED lamp gives seven nice soft glow lighting turns it on cycles through all the colors, decorating warm glow elegant nightlight, with white, red, pink, yellow, purple, green, blue lighting to gives your house a more elegant look and feels nice.
  • The shell with pearl light perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration theme, especially for kids’ bedroom, cabana, villa, teens or adults who can't fall asleep with bright lights left on.
  • The pearl’s lights are great ambiance, simple to use, give quite warm toned glows with a more elegant look and feels nice, which is very calming, enough to see by but not so bright it hurts my eyes.
  • It made the room just a little more special, colors are really pretty in the dark, it can decorate your living area which has a beach theme.

It perfect for various holiday or party that create wonderful and romantic theme, for Christmas, new year, Valantine Day, Wedding, birthday and so on.

Beside that, the shell can actually be used to hold jewelry too,the ball led colors are pretty beautiful

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