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Mexico Aztec Death Whistle

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Skull-Shaped Whistles, made of strong ceramic, size in 3.8''x3.8''x3.7''

SCREAMING DEATH SOUNDS: It produces a harsh, raspy atonal vocal sound very much like a dying breath, but with a shrill demonic essence that is certain to evoke dread on an almost instinctive level. It is the sound of death incarnate.

COMBINING SOUNDS: The whistle generates a sound that evokes a storm and infrasonic sounds, it can have a dramatic impact on heart rates and states of consciousness, It was used to send patients into a hypnotic state or alleviate pain.

WHEN TO USE: Perfect for Halloween & Dias De Los Muertos!

The Aztec Death Whistle Makes One of the Scariest Sounds You'll Ever Hear!

The sound of the death whistle is the most frightening thing we've ever heard. It literally sounds like a screeching zombie. We can only imagine what it would be like to hear hundreds of whistles from an Aztec army on the march. We're not entirely certain what the whistles were used for, however. They may have been used as an intimidation tactic in war.

In 1999, a 20-year-old sacrificial victim was discovered by archaeologists, clutching a death whistle in his hands. He was found in a temple to the wind god Ehecatl at Tlatelolco, suggesting to some scholars that the whistles were meant to evoke the howling wind. In any case, modern musicians and anthropologists have grown more interested in the role the whistles played in the ongoing indigenous history of Mexico.

Now, take a listen to the Aztec death whistle and find out how that aesthetic extended to their musical tastes as well.

If your worst nightmare had a soundtrack, it would feature this whistle.