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Mclaren Senna Scale Car - MOC • 343 parts

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Claimed by Mclaren to be their fastest road going track car ever built, the Mclaren Senna is surely one of the greatest "Hypercars" to date. Here is my model of the legendary Senna.

Featuring 8-stud wide construction and side by side seating to match the current SC lineup, an adjustable wing, full engine details and some interesting builds to get everything to fit together; I have had a lot of fun designing this model and hope you too will enjoy building it.

Things to note:
 - As usual, my gallery shows a number of different 'paint schemes'. Feel free to build my design in any colour you like but please note; at this present time only the black and grey models contain all their parts currently available in the colours shown. The cleaver piece is very limited in its available colours!
 - HOWEVER...I have included an additional set of instructions with alternate designs for the front splitter and the wing. If you wish to build the model in a colour that the cleaver piece isn't available in, or don't have enough cleaver pieces in your collection to construct the wing, then this is for you.
 - Additionally, I have included two sets of instructions for the main model; grey and black. The grey is in keeping with LEGO's 6-wide SC model, but I think the black looks great.
 - The parts list shows all the pieces required for the model. Blue parts can be any colour and won't affect the appearance of the model (sorry there aren't many blue pieces). There is one printed piece, feel free to use any 1x2 tile you like to depict the driver's console screen.
 - If you would like to build the model in a different colour than black or grey but would like a full parts list for that colour prior to purchase let me know; I will be happy to send you a parts list.

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