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10295 Lamborghini Countach LC5000 Scale Car 1:13 MOC-82416 - 1251 Part

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You Can Build The Lamborghini Countach That Lego Won't!!!

Here’s the version of the classic LC5000 , the second alternative that created using the same parts of the regular LEGO set 10295 Classic Porsche 911 (C model), built at the scale of 1:13, about the same scale of the original set, so it would look nice next to the original model representing two legendary classics built using the same inventory. Model contains 1251 pieces all taken from the original LEGO set number 10295, so you will not need anything out of the original box!

  • This product contains full brick set and PDF digital instructions file for the LC5000 model.
  • This model is a 100%  alternative  model of set number 10295 and it was completely built from scratch, it means it doesn’t share any design elements with the original LEGO set.
  • Model uses some extra parts that are INCLUDED in the same set number 10295, every set comes with some spare pieces that are included in the same box but not used in the model itself, I used a few of these spare parts.
  • Digital instructions are high in quality and  were made very carefully  by professionals and has been tested several times by volunteers to make sure you have the best experience possible.
  • This model is solid in construction and is good to display and to play with and to move from a place to another easily.
  • This model has several functional elements including working steering that is connected to the steering wheel inside the cabin, opening doors, hood and rear engine cover and rear extra storage cover, adjustable seats and removable roof for easy access to the interior.

Due to MOC product, no original package.

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