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Subaru STI - MOC-79953 • 3717 Parts (D)

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Inspired by Subaru's factory-backed FIA World Championship Rally series race cars and tuned for maximum performance, the Subaru STI will overwhelm the faint of heart. In fact, the STI's finicky turbocharged flat-four cylinder engine and firm suspension can startle even ardent driving enthusiasts. However, its tenacious all-wheel-drive system and manual-only transmission are notable hallmarks of the sporty Subaru Sedan.

It’s loaded with 2wd/4wd shifter, manual or RC adjustable suspension (Rally car or lowered), openable hood, trunk, 4 doors, sunroof, working steering wheel and HOG, Flat 4 cylinder engine, seats that tilt front and rear, front, rear and trunk lights. fully manual or RC. 


This car is with or without motors variant:

1. No remote control for "without motor" variant

2.  Remote control for "with motor" variant

3. Completely manual version and full set of bricks


4. No original box for MOC parts

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